Join us for an intimate wine tasting as we walk you through a curated selection of our single site & estate wines from Wednesday to Sunday . Come and see our newly renovated cellar door, and then enjoy the sun on our patio or lawn as you take in the views and wine. Alternatively, after your tasting, enjoy a relaxed picnic on our lawns. You can pre-order picnic packs for two or four, that include a selection of salumi, cured meats, local cheeses, dips, pickles, fruit and antipasti and enjoy it with a glass or bottle of our wine on the lawns.

Wednesday-Friday: 11am - 4pm  Saturday-Sunday: 11am - 5pm

Winter closure from July 4th to August 5th.


With beautiful outdoor spaces and views to the vineyards, we can point to the vines that made the wine you are tasting. The team pride themselves on hosting relaxed and intimate tastings, shooting the breeze or debating the world's best wine regions while telling you all you need to know about our wonderful Yarra Valley.

All current release wines are available to taste every day, including our Single Site reserve range featuring 'The Compass' Chardonnay, 'The Prophet' and 'The Matriarch' Pinot Noir, 'The Butterfly' Cabernet Sauvignon and 'The Rock' Shiraz.

The Cellar Door also offer back-vintages, Museum stock specials, and limited releases available and exclusive to Cellar Door only!

Cellar Door team: 

Shannon leads the Mandala Cellar Door team and is ready to greet you with a friendly face and an enthusiasm for our lovely wines.

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To get in touch, call the Cellar Door on 03 5965 2016, or email

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