The 2012 Mandala Yarra Valley Merlot (Back Vintage Release) Story

Merlot grapes are dark blue-colored and popular as both a blending grape due to its softer consistency compared to Cabernet, as well as a standalone variety due to its pleasing texture and weight. As the most popular and widely planted varietal in France, it calls Bordeaux home but is planted in wine regions across the world. The name 'Merlot' derives from 'Merle', which is French for Blackbird!

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Tasting Notes

This wine is best enjoyed

Variety of mealtime settings, a good podcast, pre-show drinks.

Meal Pairing Suggestions

M: Chunky chicken casserole topped with a sweet date-based sauce
V: Portobello Mushroom burger, garnished with lettuce and cheese sauce

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